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• Loss-In-Weight & Weigh-Belt Feeders
• Volumetric Screw Feeders
• Flex Wall Mass Flow Hoppers


Macawber Group

Macawber Group
• Dense Phase Systems
• Dome Valve


A&J Mixing

• Single & Double Rotor Modular Mixers

Hartman Systems

• Bulk Bag Systems
• Alloy Batching & Blending Systems


Franklin Miller

• Crushers
• Granulators
• Grinders
• Mills
• Shredders
• Mixers

Delta T Systems, Inc.

• Water and Oil Temperature Control Equipment
• Portable Chillers



• Bin Activators / Feeders


ACS Valves

• Rotary Airlock Valves/Feeders
• Maintenance Slidegates
• Diverter Valves


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